Kyle Li

Workshop Location: Pulitzer Hall, 3rd Floor, Lecture Hall

Workshop Time is 12:30 - 1:30pm.

Kyle Li, Program Director of Parsons' BFA Design + Technology program, will deliver a workshop titled "Virtual Reality Soul Stew."

How can we facilitate a creative collaboration in virtual reality through conversation? Inspired by King Curtis's song, Memphis Soul Stew, in which the final song were put together track by track through an interactive conversation between King Curtis and his band. I always wanted that level of collaboration between me and my virtual collaborators. This workshop is a conversational and hands-on workshop that covers various research in attempts to conversational UI, cognitive A.I., cloud computing, and poetic user experience design. A early prototype with functional voice commends using iOT technology will be served as a technical foundation for us to imagine a truly collaborative counterpart in VR.